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Amanda here! Never a dull moment with me between momming, sewing, health coaching, my animals, and of course teaching yoga! Making time to care for myself is the key to balancing my busy life and keeps me going strong! I have hopes to inspire my daughter, and others, to follow their own path and do whatever makes them happy. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up bungee jumping in Canada some day like I did!


Allison Cassie completed her Yoga Alliance – RYT 200 Hour training in the spring of 2018. She began practicing Bikram and Ashtanga Yoga over 20 years ago and currently operates an in-home yoga studio. She enjoys working with athletes and developing programs designed for the specific needs of their sport. Climbers in particular place greater demands on their shoulders, elbows and wrists and can benefit from therapeutic movements designed to stretch and strengthen overworked joints and connective tissues.

Climber’s Yoga is a combination of functional movement, vinyasa and restorative yoga – developed specifically to increase core strength, lengthen the body and to build fluid movement with the breath. Allison is a member at SteepWorld and enjoys skiing, paddling, and climbing with her two daughters.