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Yoga is strength, balance and presence of the body and mind.  It’s not about touching your toes, so don’t let all those self doubts get in your way!  I strive to meet everyone on their mats, at their levels, in every class, by offering a variety of poses and variations.  I am a Yoga Alliance registered instructor with 4 years teaching experience, as well as an ACE certified personal trainer and an RRCA certified running coach.  Besides yoga, I spend most of my time running and shuttling my two awesome kids to climbing, gymnastics and cross country races.


I have always loved being outdoors and adventurous.
My first love was basketball and I would play as much
as possible, always having the goal to beat the boys
at recess! I played in high school, and after basketball
injuries including my ACL, I took a yoga class in college
and immediately noticed the healing benefits. Yoga is a
connection between the mind, body and spirit. Yoga helps
build strength along with flexibility. I’ve been dedicated to
my yoga practice ever since. I started teaching in 2012 and
have been teaching at gyms and yoga studios. The coolest
place she I’ve lived is Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia! If you come
to my class, I might even teach you some Mongolian!


I received my Yoga Alliance RYT200 certification in 2015 through Limber Tree Studio in Billings. Since then, I have worked with Limber Tree, Fuel Fitness, and private clients teaching a variety of classes including vinyasa flow, strength, restorative, aerial yoga, pole fitness, parties, summer camps, and preschool yoga. I have also received additional education certifications in Mandala Yoga, Aerial Yoga (levels 1 & 2), and is currently completing her DRIPP training. I use my experience and education to create classes that serve, inspire, and bring joy to those who join.

I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and exploring. I am a member of Billings Alternacirque and perform trapeze, pole, Lyra, hula hoop, fire and flow arts. Whether in the studio, on the mountain, or in the gym, I believe that fitness should be fun and fuel your body, mind, and spirit.