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Amanda here! Never a dull moment with me between momming, sewing, health coaching, my animals, and of course teaching yoga! Making time to care for myself is the key to balancing my busy life and keeps me going strong! I have hopes to inspire my daughter, and others, to follow their own path and do whatever makes them happy. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up bungee jumping in Canada some day like I did!


I have always loved being outdoors and adventurous. My first love was basketball and I would play as much as possible, always having the goal to beat the boys at recess! I played in high school, and after basketball injuries including my ACL, I took a yoga class in college and immediately noticed the healing benefits. Yoga is a connection between the mind, body and spirit. Yoga helps build strength along with flexibility.  I’ve been dedicated to my yoga practice ever since. I started teaching in 2012 and have been teaching at gyms and yoga studios. The coolest place she I’ve lived is Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia! If you come to my class, I might even teach you some Mongolian!


After being passionate about yoga for over 10 years, I am excited to be teaching yoga classes for climbers here at STEEPWORLD. As a high school student, I became involved with the gym by joining STEEPTEAM. Then I moved away to Spokane, WA for college, where I got my degree in psychology. I returned to Billings to complete a graduate program in occupational therapy. I can’t wait to graduate next summer, then work towards getting my hand therapy certification. Last year, I was given the opportunity to travel to Peru for occupational therapy field work. While there, I got to hike both Machu and Huayna Picchu in the Andes, which became one of my most memorable travel experiences!