STEEPTEAM is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing climbing mentorship and training to Billings area youth interested in improving their climbing skills through practice and competition.

Our focus is to develop lifelong climbers.




STEEPTEAM gives talented young climbers the opportunity to excel in their climbing pursuits.

Climbers build skills with twice weekly practices they can use in local and regional competitions during the school year. The strongest will have the opportunity to participate in divisional and even national competitions.

During the summer, STEEPTEAM climbers will adventure outdoors, applying skills to the boulders and crags in and around the Billings area.

Local competitions will be required as we feel that they provide great benchmarking and goal setting opportunities in a friendly environment while helping foster the greater Montana climbing community.  We are not requiring team members to participate in USA Climbing sanctioned events.  Climbers wishing to compete at a USAC level will still have continued support by the team and coaches.  


2020 Spring USAC Competitive Bouldering Season

2020 Spring Schedule

Practices for this season will begin on Thursday, February 27th and end Thursday, May 28th. All practices will be held at STEEPWORLD Climbing & Fitness and will take place every Tuesday and Thursday.

Junior Team (Born 2007 – 2010) 6:00pm – 7:30pm; Tuesdays and Thursdays

Senior Team (Born 2001 – 2006) 7:30pm – 9:00pm; Tuesdays and Thursdays

All team members are required to have climbing shoes (not rentals), harness, chalk bag, and appropriate climbing attire at every practice. Individuals on the Senior Team are encouraged to have an assisted braking belay device.

STEEPTEAM is a program designed to prepare climbers for competition, therefore climbers are required to compete in at least two local competitions. If climbers do not wish to compete, there are other climbing programs offered through Steepworld geared towards recreational climbing.

In order to compete in USAC sanctioned climbing regional competitions and beyond, climbers must compete in two local competitions within the USAC mountain west region. Competing in local competitions will be required for all climbers, as it provides an excellent opportunity to gauge climbing goals and bolster Montana’s great climbing community.

Climbers are not required to compete in USAC climbing sanctioned events. Climbers advancing past a USAC regional level will have continued support from the coaches.

4/4/20 – *Local – Bozeman, MT

4/18/20 – *Local – Billings, MT

5/9/20 – Regional – Meridian, UT

6/20/20 – Divisional – TBD

7/9/20 – National – Bridgeport, PA

*These are the two local competitions that are closest and will be attended by the coaches. However, if these dates do not work for a climber, info for other local competitions can be found at www.usaclimbing.org.

    Expected Competition Season Costs

    STEEPTEAM Fee: $250: Fee covers coaches’ time and travel for practices, competitions, insurance, administration, and other necessities needed to run the STEEPTEAM non-profit program.

    STEEPWORLD Gym Membership: $44/month (plus $54 initiation fee if not a current member): STEEPTEAM practices at STEEPWORLD Climbing & Fitness in Billings, Montana. Gym membership is a prerequisite to being on the team. Gym fees are separate from team fees.

    Competition Entry Fee: ~$50/competition: Climbing competitions have entry fees around $40-$50 per competition.  These prices are set by the host gym and cover the costs for route-setters to set and prepare for the comp as well as t-shirts, awards, gym time, etc.

    USA Climbing Membership – Competitor: $95**

    *STEEPTEAM membership fees will be collected monthly and billed with your STEEPWORLD membership. 
    ** This membership is a requirement for participation in any USAC sanctioned events (Regionals, Divisionals, and Nationals). Valid 9/1/19 through 8/31/20. If a climber does not wish to purchase a USAC competitors membership, they will have to purchase a USAC local membership in order to compete in local competitions, which is $25 for the season on top of the local competition entry fee. Membership can be purchased at www.usaclimbing.org.


    Head Coach: Sean Larsen (406) 839-4051    

    STEEPTEAM Board Members: Jim Rott, Joel Anderson, Matt Onstad, Andrew Hayashida, Ari Greenberg, Heath Lillie, Mike Churchill

    If questions or comments still persist, email Sean Larsen at steepteamcoach@gmail.com.


    STEEPTEAM is offering a limited number of scholarships this season. For more information, talk to STEEPTEAM Head Coach, Parker Pearsall, by email at steepteamcoach@gmail.com.


    For Legacy Information & the old SteepTeam Blog, visit: