Outdoor Climbing Prep

Get ready to take your climbing outdoors with our Gym To Crag & Peak Bagging classes!
$50 for Members / $75 for non-members
2 hr class – CALL TO BOOK!
Take $30 off your class with a gear purchase of $100 or more.



*Top Rope Certification is required to participate in classes

Gym to Crag
How do they get the rope up there?
The ropes and gear in the gym are conveniently hanging in place whenever you come to climb. That’s not quite how it works in the great outdoors. First off, you need to get to the top via leading to the anchors or accessing from an easy spot elsewhere. Once there, you’ll need to know a bit about anchors. In our Gym to Crag course, you’ll learn the basics of establishing and cleaning anchors at an established crag (single pitch area of which there are many nearby). We’ll dabble in a few other pertinent areas related to outdoor climbing from dog etiquette all the way to “don’t stick your hand in a rattle snake den!” Adventure awaits!


Peak Bagging
You want to climb a mountain do you?  
Easy peasy, just hike on up there and tag the summit and then stroll back to camp for a little more fishing… right? But what happens when it’s too steep to hike and you need ropes? In that case you should get a bit of instruction. Our Peak Bagging class will teach you the basic rope techniques you’ll need to ascend Granite Peak, Montana’s tallest mountain. Route finding, equipment suggestions/requirements, simple anchor building scenarios, basic belaying, and rappelling are all covered in this 2 hour course. This training grouped with a little experience will help you acquire the knowledge to functionally incorporate roped climbing into any backcountry adventure.


CANCELLATION POLICY: up to 50% (see terms)