Personal Training

Now offering personal training on and off the wall!

Our personal trainers will help transform your climbing for peak performance. With customizable plans to meet your needs, Carter & Cara are ready to take you to the next level. Learn more about their offerings below and book a session today!

Carter Lix, Climbing Coach


NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), ensuring a professional and knowledgeable approach to fitness and training.

Background & Achievements:

  • Winner of the Last Best Bouldering Series (learn more)
  • Computer Programming student at MSUB.
  • USAC Level 1 Routesetter

Coaching Style & Philosophy: Emphasizes technique and mental strategy, focusing on subtle movements and effective problem-solving.


One Month Workshops (Beginner to Advanced): Customized sessions at $60 each. Minimum of 4 sessions. (Each session is 1 hour.)

Custom Monthly Training Plans: Personalized plans for $125/month, with additional support.

Single Session Coaching: Flexible and client-focused sessions for $90/hr.


Beginner v0-v3   <5.9

  • Basic Technique
  • Projecting tactics
  • Introduction to key concepts (training, technique, performance)

Intermediate   v4-6   5.10-5.11

  • Tools to break into the advanced grades.
  • Movement subtleties and micro beta
  • Film analyzing

Advanced   v7+   5.12+

  • Lessons on training, including tools, workouts, and strategies.
  • Training for specific projects or trips
  • Mindset and mentality for trying hard

    Cara Lukas, DPT


    Board Certified Physical Therapist with a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Florida


    • Owner of Mountain Movement Rehab and Training
    • Co-Founder of Billings Women Climbing

    Coaching Style: Creating simple and individualized strength training programs to allow your weight room training to translate to your sport of choice. There is a way for everyone to engage in strength training regardless of equipment, confidence, or experience level. I enjoy helping my clients find what makes them feel comfortable, confident, and – of course – strong.


    One on one strength training. One hour of weight room training with programming directed by the sport specific goals of the individual. $100 per one hour session. 

    Strength training is for everyone!

    Also offering physical therapy at $125/hr.


    For those who have minimal to no experience with weight training, individualized sessions will focus on:

    • Determining Appropriate Equipment 
    • Introduction to Standard Form
    • Making Healthy and Safe Choices with Weightlifting
    • Sports Specific Goals Considered throughout Programming


    For those who have experience weightlifting but have difficulties understanding how to program for themself. Individualized sessions will focus on:

    • Addressing Individuals Known Weaknesses
    • Gaining Confidence in Use of a Barbell 
    • Lifting Audit to Determine Over/Under Training
    • Sports Specific Goals Considered throughout Programming


    For those who feel confident in their weight training knowledge but want to determine ways to have their training better translate to their mountain sport. Individualized sessions will focus on:

    • Modifying Programs to Emphasize Power, Endurance, or Strength Needs for Sport Specific Goals
    • Managing a Plateau in Strength Gains
    • Modifying Lifts that are Uncomfortable or Painful
    • Optimal Lifts for Maximal Strength Gain