About Us

STEEPWORLD Climbing & Fitness is a locally owned and operated indoor facility in Billings, Montana.  We love climbing & fitness and sharing it with our community!


Our Vision:

    • We will provide a premier experience to every guest.

Our Mission:

    • We make a difference in our community through climbing & fitness.

Our Values:

    • We pursue service excellence with our team, our guests, and our business relationships.
    • We serve our community.
    • We have fun with what we do!


What we provide:

    • Indoor rope climbing on our 40+ foot Walltopia walls for all levels 
      • Lead, Top Rope, or Autobelays
    • Two separate bouldering areas equipped with padded foam flooring
      • Boulderland- for all ability levels and kids climbing
      • Main Bouldering area- for more advanced climbing
    • Full service Fitness Mezzanine with premium cardio & fitness equipment
    • Full service Gear Shop for all your climbing needs
    • Other offerings include:
      • Yoga Studio
      • Private Birthday Party room
      • Corporate gatherings
      • Youth & Adult Climbing Leagues
      • Group and Individual Climbing Lessons
      • Free Wifi
      • Shower Facility
      • Patio Lounge

You can expect:

    • Hand sanitizer at check-in and provided throughout the gym.

    • HVAC system with UV light air filtration and high turnover rate with excellent air movement.

    • Constant cleaning and signage posted throughout the gym.

Dreams Merge

In the spring of 1986, Jim Rott did his first technical roped climb of Devils Tower and the Needles of South Dakota near his home. These experiences changed his life’s path forever. Vocation and education became facilitators to the end goal of “more climbing”. His love for all things climbing in time gave life to SteepWorld climbing gym and retail shop in Billings, MT in 2005.  His passion for his chosen vocation as the owner & operator of a climbing gym gave him the stage to hone his skills and gifts.  He has shared and nurtured the climbing lifestyle with hundreds and hundreds of young and not so young aspiring and seasoned athletes. 
On a separate life journey, Heath Lillie was cutting his teeth as a surfer, a professional snowboarder, and an aspiring rock climber. Heath moved with his family to Billings, MT in 1997, where he left surfing behind and embraced all things vertical, be it on rock walls or snowy steeps. This is where Jim and Heath first met- Jim the teacher, Heath the student, taking his first instruction in the art of climbing. Heath’s dream soon took clear form to build his own climbing and fitness center. His focus and energy gave birth to the plan to build Waypoint Climbing & Fitness in Rapid City, SD, where Heath was a Firefighter/Paramedic.
These two driven and talented people and their individual dreams merged in August 2016. Heath was ready to sign on the dotted line for the Waypoint land in South Dakota and a last minute call drew Jim & Heath together to MAYBE do something big together in Billings. That fateful meeting gave birth to what is now STEEPWORLD Climbing & Fitness.



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