BRAND NEW EVENT with member incentive! Climb Under the Lights – Friday, March 22nd from 8pm – MIDNIGHT!

Our enriching after school program directs children’s natural instinct to climb into a positive life influence. Learn more about our STEEP School offerings.

Want to improve your climbing? March is the final month to join our climbing league! Click here to sign up online.

Make your child’s birthday unforgettable with a STEEPWORLD celebration! 



FRI, March 22nd, 6-8pm: Climb Under the Lights

Sat, April 6th, 6-8pm: Gym2Crag Clinic

Sat, April 11th, 6-8pm: Gym2Crag Clinic

Sat, April 20th, 6-8pm: Family Night

Sat, April 27th, 5:30-9pm: Parents’ Night Out