Corporate & Team Development Events

Leadership Rise Up

An experiential team development adventure hosted by STEEPWORLD Climbing & Fitness. This one of a kind event features a diagnostic understanding of your team’s strengths and weaknesses. This data sets the foundation for a Rocky Mountain team expedition featuring FIRE, RAGING RIVERS & BIG WALLS. These team obstacles will help team members with all levels of fitness, courage and experience understand their gifts and how to be their very best personally and as a member of a high performing team. Facilitated by former Disney Executive, Scott Lillie, and our expert guides.

Location Private use of STEEPWORLD Climbing & Fitness facility in Billings, Montana.

Time Half day (7 AM 12:30 PM)

Event Itinerary / Flow

  • Pre-event group feedback “team state”

  • Team state discussion / understanding

  • A team expedition and organizational competition featuring FIRE, RAGING RIVER CROSSINGS & SCALING BIG WALLS

  • Performance coaching parallels as you navigate the expedition challenges

  • Closing circle & celebration with personal reflection and take away action

  • Focus is on high performance team dynamics & adventure skills, refreshments, box lunch & Leadership Rise Up commemorative Event Fee – $2,650 for up to 10 participants ($150 for each additional participant up to 24 Total)

    Please contact STEEPWORLD Climbing & Fitness for more information or to book your leadership adventure experience.

CANCELLATION POLICY: up to 50% (see terms)